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M. A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. was established in 1955 to meet the growing needs of the Canadian Pipe, Valve and Fittings Industry. Since it’s inception in British Columbia on Canada’s West Coast, the company has grown into a North American identity with Canadian warehouse locations in British Columbia, Alberta , Ontario, and Quebec . There are also sales offices located in Calgary, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. With a continuing recognition of growth opportunities M. A. Stewart & Sons (USA) Ltd. was established in Charlotte, North Carolina to facilitate distribution to the United States market. Recognizing the huge market potential in Southern California, M. A. Stewart expanded to that area, acquiring locations in Bakersfield and Long Beach in 2008.

Second only to our employees, our strength lies in our strong manufacturing alliances. During our fifty years in the distribution business, we have forged strategic partnerships with major valve manufacturers. Leading brand names from major valve manufacturers such as Kitz Corporation, Toyo Valve Company Ltd. (Red-White), Bonney Forge, Demco, Mueller Steam Specialties, WKM, and others provide us with a product offering that is second to none.

Recognizing the need for a quality, cost effective commodity valve product, M. A. Stewart have developed a full line of private label “MAS” valves, including brass, carbon and stainless steel ball valves and knife gate valves, and actuation products. To allow us to control all aspects of design, development, and availability of these products, M. A. Stewart entered into the joint purchase of the Taiwan valve manufacturer Lai Valve in 1998.

During our history, we have been recognized for our ability to adapt to changing industry requirements and to continually improve our products and services. We strive to anticipate market requirements with product range expansion, and alliances with manufacturers who provide the finest products and services.

We provide our customers with more than just product, and strive to exceed market requirements with a “Total Cost of Ownership” approach. This approach relates all the costs associated with the specifying, procuring, logistics, warehousing, selling, and financing of any given product. Simply stated, this approach to the market is based on providing our customers with a maximum return on their investment.

We forge ahead to meet and exceed the market requirements of the future through technology based systems and a constant commitment to customer service.

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