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Pony Rods
UPCO C Carbon – Medium Strength API C
UPCO CD Carbon – High StrengthAPI Carbon D
UPCO AD Medium Alloy – High Strength API Alloy D
UPCO KD High Alloy – High Strength API Special D
UPCO K High Alloy – Medium Strength API K
UPCO HS High Alloy – Extra High Strength
Sucker Rod Couplings
For Pin Sizes 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, 1” & 11/8″
Full Size, Slim Hole or Special Dia.
Type T or Spray Metal
UPCO Pup Joints
API Monogrammed Pup Joints
Meet Standard Test Pressures of:
J-55 23/8″ 7,000 PSI N-80 23/8″ 10,000 PSI
J-55 27/8″ 6,600 PSI N-80 27/8″ 9,700 PSI
J-55 31/2″ 6,400 PSI N-80 21/2″ 9,300 PSI
Available in 2′ Through 12′ Lengths

Identical Sucker Rod grades and types supplied to ensure a complete, applicable rod string.
2 thru 12′ lengths.

Regular API Class T and Spray Metal Coated for extra long wear, deviated- hole, and non-galling corrosion resistance.
Full size or slim hole diameters and combination sizes for use on tapered rod strings.

Seamless J-55 or N-80 tubing. Grade N-80 is full length normalized. Hydrostatically tested, API Monogrammed
Pup Joints meet standard test pressures of:
3000 PSI J-55 2-3/8,2-7/8,3-1/2
9300 PSI N-80 3-1/2, 9700 PSI N-80 2-7/8
10000 PSI N-80 2-3/8
Stocked in 2 thru 12′ lengths. Color coded to indicate grade and metal stamped for traceability.

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