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Aluminum Actuators
Compact Design
The MAX-AIR rack & pinion pneumatic actuator produces linear torque output in a compact design utilizing the same body and end caps for double acting and spring return units.

Technopolymer Actuators
Max-Air Technology has established itself as a technical leader in the valve automation marketplace with their revolutionary Thermoplastic Series Actuators.  Designed to withstand the most arduous environments, Max-Air offer three sizes for all your corrosive environmental applications covering up to 500 in-lbs of double-acting torque output.

MAX-AIR Rotary Valve Positioners

Max-Air offers both single & Double Acting Valve Positioners, with input signals of 4-20 mA and 3-15 psi configurations, for proportional control of rotary actuators. The Positioners operate on the force-balance principal by comparing the standard signal transmitted from a pneumatic or an Electro-Pneumatic device and the angular rotation of the operating stem, and conveys a Positioning amplified pressure to the valve actuator. Offered in NEMA 4/4X, explosive and intrinsically safe environments.

MAX-AIR Position Transmitter and Limit Switches

Max-Air offers a stand-along direct mount Position Transmitter (PTM01) and a stand-alone Position Transmitter with internal Limit Switches (PTM02). The Position Transmitter and Limit Switches can also be ordered along with the desired rotary Positioner.

Limit Switch Boxes
The operating position of the switches can be easily changed by adjusting the high resolution spline cams manually and independently with the need for additional tools.  The cams are spring backed and will not be affected by normal vibration.

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