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Gearench was founded in Houston, Texas in 1927 with the patent of its first product, the Gearench, a hand tool for use on small diameter pipe. From this original tool, the company has grown and developed over 40 product lines for use in various areas of the oil industry including exploration, drilling, production, refining and completion. Tools have also been developed for water well and trenchless technology drilling, as well as mining, power generation utilities, and general industrial markets.

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Titan Chain Tongs
Sizes 11 thru 16; Working OD of 1/8″
Thru 423/4″; Handle Lengths: 20″,
27″, 37″, 45″, 51″, 65″ and 87″
Titan Flange Spreader
2″ ANSI 150 Thru 42″ ANSI 150
3/4″ ANSI 300 Thru 36″ ANSI 300
3/4″ ANSI 600 Thru 24″ ANSI 600
1/2″ ANSI 900 Thru 18″ ANSI 900
1/2″ ANSI 1500 Thru 8″ ANSI 1500
1/2″ ANSI 2500 Thru 8″ ANSI 2500
Titan Valve Wheel Wrench
Steel, Aluminum and Bronze
Suregrip Valve Wheel Wrench
Valve Wheel Latch Wrench
“100” Series Aluminum
Titan Striking Wrenches
6 and 12 Point Offset Drop-forged
Alloy Steel
Sizes From 11/16″ Thru 31/8″
Titan other products
Flange Key – Flange Aligning Tool;
Refinery Wrenches-Spining Chain
Petol Pump Shop Equipment
Pump Benches, Extension Stands,
Tool Stands, Rinse Tank, Pump
Support, Benchwrench, Valve Cage
Benchwrench, Socketwrench Handle
SureGrip Friction Vise
Size 35 & 55 – Suregrip Friction Tongs
API Threader & Dies 3/8″, 1/2″, 1/4″
Petol Tools
Bukup Tongs, Bull Tongs, Drill Pipe
Tongs, Machine Tongs, Rig Wrench,
Suregrip Casing Tongs, Tubing
Elevators, Tubing Tongs, Sucker
Rod Elevator, Sucker Rod Transfers
Other Petol Products
Hydra-tork Units, Run Ticket Box,
Sight Glass
Herringbone Gears & Pinions
Petol Tank Safety Gauge

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