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Flow Control Components Ltd.

Corrosion Resistant Valve
Materials 304 SS, 316 SS, 317 SS,
A-20, 254 SMO and the High Alloy
Knife Gate Valves Full Port
Design; Metal, Resilient
Bi‑directional Positive Shut Off &
60% V-Port Designs
Tilting Disc Check Valves
Flanged End Connections; Off
Center Pivot Design
Wedge Gate, Globe & Swing
Check Valves

150 & 300 ASME & 200 WOG;
Flanged, NPT & Socketweld
Sampling Valves
Full Positive Shut Off;
All 316 SS Construction;
2″ X 11/2″
Instrument Valve
All 316 SS Construction;
Instrument/Transmitter Isolation

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